The Park and Gardens of the Chateau de Chantore were a great surprise, as I believe they were for the new young owners, who made discovery after discovery when they looked more closely at their purchase. Attracted by the scenery and the amazing view of Mont Saint Michel, and focussed on their bed and breakfast project, they discovered their garden and park in the truest sense of the term. It was a place which had run wild, but where much of its botanical wealth (including a gingko, a tulip tree, and an avenue of rhododendrons) had miraculously survived, as well as a wealth of built features such as serpentines, waterfalls (14), and rockeries… I won’t say any more. You must go and you will be welcomed with open arms by Bernard and Inascu. Chantore is in the Manche department, alongside a village called Bacilly, between Avranches and Granville.

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