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Normandy : le Bois des Moutiers (Seine Maritime)

Normandy has a treasure trove of gardens.. and what magificent gardens. Bois des Moutiers is a fine example. Run by Antoine Bouchayer-Mallet, under the vigilant eye of his mother, who recently carried out a complete botanical inventory of the garden, this great dynasty of gardeners continues its fine work. In just a few decades Varengeville has become a high point for gardens. Don’t however plan on visiting all of them in a single day. Given their extent that would be too much. Bois des Moutiers is in fact a collection of gardens with a subtle blend of the work of an architect (Edwin Lutyens) and of a landscape designer Gertrud Jekyll. Nothing is left to chance at this house where you find Art Nouveau side by side with golden section symmetry, majestic park alongside rose garden … in any case garden lovers will be enchanted. Don’t worry about offending Antione by asking when the garden is best. He will reply that it is always magnificent and it’s true…. So the film is a bit like the garden, timeless, since we were lucky enough to film it in autumn, and in spring just as it emerged from winter. This virtual stroll will take you through maples in colours of flame, magnolias bursting into leaf and bloom and multi-coloured rhododendrons. Our eyes haven’t yet entirely recovered from the spectacle.