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Normandy : le Vastérival (Seine Maritime)

You can’t visit Normandy and pass by this veritable masterpiece, the garden of Vastérival, and there’s nobody better placed to show us round than its head gardener Didier Willery. So let’s enter the magic kingdom of Princess Sturdza whose influence can still be felt in the garden. For once I am not going to describe this place to you but let you explore it with Didier, who will be both your guide and also, indeed mainly, the gardener who has never taken his eye off the garden in over 20 years. And the cherry on the cake is that we filmed in June and came back in October in almost divine light… shade, penumbra, light and dark – how can I describe the intense atmosphere here? How could you imagine a rhododendron with sumptuous colours or Smyrnium minuscules with its tender green foliage and its yellow flowers, or the dappled light produced by Dominique’s famous signature “transparent pruning”… Fifty years of research along with fifty years of experimentation and selection, and the adventure continues for our great pleasure… Take note that you need to book to visit Vastérival but you will emerge enraptured. version française: