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Normandy : Park and Garden of Château de Nacqueville

The Park of the Château de Nacqueville is an extraordinary garden. Invisible from the sea, this secret paradise-garden created in 1830 is a good example of a romantically inspired park, just like some English parks. In short, you have a sea-facing valley, entirely given over to heathland plants, mainly rhododendrons. Florence d’Harcourt wasn’t destined to take over the estate, living in Australia were she spent her former life with her family… Feeling the call of her homeland, and the enchantment of childhood memories, she returned to Nacqueville to continue the work of her ancestors to bring her personal touch to the place just as each of her predecessors had done before her. Wander round and explore this place which is more than just a garden. It’s a great walk which holds a thousand and one surprises for you. Chill by the river which runs right through the estate, listen to the birdsong or the horns of the ships leaving Cherbourg for the New World as they make a final brief appearance in the seaward view from the chateau. Although it’s utterly magical at any time, favour the light at the end of the day when the sun’s rays show the whole valley to its best effect. Botanists - you will find your pleasure with the azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and camellias, century-old trees and gunneras which, along with the (Tatihou or Vauville) echiums will soon become plants emblematic of the Cherbourg Peninsula…