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Normandy : park and gardens of Château de Brécy (Calvados)

It’s with its designer, or rather its redesigner, Didier Wirth that we have been lucky enough to film the Gardens of the Château of Brécy. A timeless place, a magical place, a place for contemplation. Yet speaking as a filmmaker, when you come into this garden, you are lost, you don’t know where to start … Morning light, evening light…. There’s no escape. You need them both… and then there’s this sky, forever changing, not a moment goes by without something to catch your eye… suddenly you are in 7th heaven… oh sorry I mean the 17th century! The topiary plays hide and seek with breathtaking vistas… has nothing been left to chance in this gorgeous garden? This is somewhere not to be missed by garden lovers, and a perfect example of a French style garden, from the designs of the box borders, straight from good King Henri IV’s gardener…