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Normandy : park and gardens of Château de Vendeuvre (Calvados)

Vendeuvre : a "jardin-jardinier" coproduction, Normandy Regional Tourist Board, Calvados Departmental Tourist Board Vendeuvre counts amongst the gorgeous gardens of Calvados, remembering that as well as the park and gardens, there’s also an extraordinary museum of miniatures …. But that’s another story. Going round the park and gardens of this stately home with Guy de Vendeuvre is a real delight, a rejuvenation, a joy and an encounter with an infectious wackiness. He loves his estate, he takes great care of it, leaving nothing to chance, especially the welfare of the thousands of annual visitors. In fact he loves his garden as much as the people who visit it. He knows each and every place where he can satisfy his love for practical jokes (a family tradition) in the gardens of surprises… and like the waterer who likes to get watered, he does the demonstrations himself his laughter mingling with the shouts of the children… he lives for his garden… With a straw hat attached to his head, and a jacket of an appropriate green, it’s another great moment in these wonderful gardens with their magnificent viewpoints, which are a delight for photographers. There is something for everybody whether you are romantic, playful, or maybe even a botanist – there’s the French style garden with its rosebush maze, the water features and the landscaped garden with its “fabrications”… However watch out for Cléance and too bad if you make Guy de Vendeuvre burst out laughing…. “it’s great growing old when you are a gardener” he tells us in conclusion… In fact, Alexandre is next in line… first, second, third… tenth generation without a break if I’ve counted correctly. Thank you, Count, for the charm of this beautiful ensemble of gardens. french version :