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Normandy : St.Georges-de-Boscherville Abbey gardens

The gardens of The Abbey of Saint-Georges de Boscherville are monastic in style, based upon those of a 12th century Benedictine abbey. Several gardens recreated from plans found in the archives make up this unusual place. Serge Conreur, the head gardener takes us on a journey through the epochs which this garden has known, from its original medieval inspiration, through the renaissance, to a formal French-style garden… Above all utilitarian, most of these gardens had a wide range of purposes; utility is apparent in the vegetable garden, the orchard, the herb and aromatic gardens, a garden for cut flowers and areas for meditation. We invite you to follow in the footsteps of the monks with Serge and with Danièle Pytel, an expert guide who has produced the English version of this documentary. This unique abbey belongs to the General Council of Seine Maritime and is put to the service of the community as a whole. Serge is not only the gardener but also in charge of a project for social rehabilitation specific to the abbey. Add to this an uninterrupted view of the Seine valley and you will understand why you have to visit this amazing place.