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Normandy : the Hanging Gardens (Le Havre)

The hanging gardens of Le Havre in Seine Maritime are located in the old fortress, which dominates the town and its port with a magnificent panoramic view over the Channel. Albéric Levain, the town’s head gardener takes us into the heart of this citadel, which is nowadays totally given over to botany. Samuel Craquelin, the landscape designer in charge of the project, managed to preserve the historic character of the square while arranging greenhouses containing many botanical collections (with over 4000 plants) in the heart of the main courtyard. Plantings replicating tropical, desert and semi-desert landscapes make this place special, but its originality doesn’t only lie in its greenhouses. The particularly sophisticated landscape design takes you on a world tour on a circular walk round the battlements with its four mini-fortresses at each corner of the construction. You can join Albéric here in a southern hemisphere garden, then in a garden inspired by Asia, another by North America… or finally in a so-called explorers’ garden. The cherry on the cake is here in this last little fortress where the landscape designer and gardeners had the idea of exhibiting “modern” plants, i.e. those which the new explorers sought out in all the countries of the world from Africa to Asia, not forgetting the high plateaux of the Andes. Anchors away for an exploration of the hanging gardens! n°vert : 0800351011