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Normandy : the Naturospace (Honfleur)

It’s in the very special village of Honfleur where a butterfly house called Naturospace has been set up. Fruit of the imagination of one Benoît (Benoît Damico), it’s another Benoît who will show you the diversity of the botany and fauna of this place. Of course the main attraction is the butterflies. And not just any butterflies but ones chosen for their colour, their way of flying, their size and their ability to reproduce on site or not…. But Naturospace is also a garden. Otherwise there would be no point in making a film in the ‘Jardin Jardinier’ (Garden Gardener) series. There are over four hundred botanical species which will amaze you. Benoît Damico is a great specialist of the Amazon where he worked for many years. He forged links with collectors and specialist nurserymen, and it’s because of this that you will find some of the rarest orchids and decorative shrubs, all for education purposes (cocoa, vanilla etc….) If you should come and visit, don’t leave your children or grandchildren behind! They’re sure to have a memorable time.