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Normandy : the "Ferme Ornée"

So what’s so special about the gardens of Ornée Farm? (‘Ornée’ means ornate in French so this is a pun on the name of the department of Orne.) Well beyond being a garden, it’s more a technique of landscaping originating from the great tradition of the ornamental gardens of our English neighbours. Well yes, yet another idea that has crossed the Channel, and which has been applied here at Carrouges in Perche, albeit on a small scale, as Jean Pierre Morby the creator of the garden makes plain. He has built on this wonderful concept to combine the natural local landscape of hedges, with a selection of often rare or acclimatised plants, and animals… Add to this the owner’s stamp: keeping all the local character of this corner of Normandy, its traditions based around apples and cucurbits… This globetrotter who has settled in Normandy will delight you with his knowledge of plants and with the story of what made him come and create his garden at Carrouges. He is keen on a totally natural style of gardening.‎ PCUNOR061FS000BP.htm