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Normandy : Bosmelet Park and gardens

With the arrival of Alain Germain and Vincent Vivès, a new page has turned at Bosmelet. You could even talk of a renewal given the huge scope of their ideas and endeavours. With an avenue of 300-year-old privet, a walled vegetable garden remodelled in the past by Louis Benech, the orangery and the chapel, it’s an ensemble that takes us back to Collinet, the father of the original design for these gardens. Bosmelet is also a modern-day story, a tragic story in fact, as it was one of the biggest V1 launch stations during the Second World War, hidden under the cover of the venerable old trees of the park. Today Bosmelet is becoming more than just a garden; it’s a place truly devoted to Art and the Arts with a permanent exhibition of the work of Alain Germain, and temporary exhibitions and concerts in the chapel. In Alain’s and Vincent’s minds, the Art of Gardens and other Arts may soon co-habit throughout the whole place.